Are you a developer and have a cool game to share and want us to review it? awesome! Here are a few notes so you know what you can expect from GuyLogicGaming.

In our eyes every game is equal from Early Access Sandbox Survival to AAA First person shooter until proven otherwise and we shall treat each one like the culmination of endless hours it represents.

However, with dozens of games coming to PC every single day we can only cover so many titles at any time and while we strive to provide the most complete coverage for the games we review, it also means that some games fall by the wayside.

But never shy away from contacting us about your upcoming titles or news, or adding our contact information to your mailing list.

There are a few criteria that we pay attention to though,  but only one that is important. We are focused on PC only. This means we only review and cover titles that are available on PC. While we all enjoy playing our favorite console titles, nothing divorces us from our keyboard and mouse for long.

All our reviews are done in video format through our youtube channel. We feel strongly that the best way to get a good impression of a title is a combination of gameplay, exposition, technical information and well rounded opinion, and written reviews simply don’t have that effect in our eyes.

We strive to keep ourselves to the highest possible standards in journalistic ethics, quality and consumer focused coverage. If you feel that we have not met those standards and would like to make a complaint or provide feedback, contact us at