Our PC Only focus for reviews allows us to dedicate the time and resources to give each and every game we review the most thorough assessment possible… followed by our opinion. 

We feel that there is no way to remove Bias from reviews. Everyone has preferences in mechanics and genre as well as different perceptions of everything from sex to violence to retro-inspired pixel art and these perceptions color our judgement. So we don’t try to remove it. We embrace our ideas and work to convey the why to you as best as possible.

Our review and critique can be split into three distinct groups that each serve a slightly different purpose.

Our Logic Reviews are traditional reviews where we dissect a title, look at it from every angle and provide our views on its value. This series is designed to be a buyers guide and consumer first look at new releases that are hitting the (digital) shelves.

But not all games come into this world ready to roll, some need a few whack with a wrench to find their footing. The Early Axe series is designed around looking at titles that are commercially available, but not “Done(tm)“. Games using steams Early Access system are a prime example of titles that fit the criteria for the Early Axe. With a focus on what the title currency offers and a look at how it might fit with the overall ecosystem going forward.

Lastly, not all games are born equal. Sometimes a game gets sent out of its parental development nest to soon and crashes down hard. Most games never get up and are slowly forgotten. Others work hard to resolve the problems that they have and win back the people they let down. For these title we have Revisiting. Because redemption and continued support and development deserves praise.